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“My Husband Will Love You” — Feng Shui & Masculine Energy

“My Husband Will Love You” — Feng Shui & Masculine Energy


I’ve seen plenty of beds where 60% of the surface is covered with pillows, and while this is definitely an improvement over that—there are still more pillows than two people would need to sleep.

“My husband will love you.” I’ve heard those exact words three times in my career. The first two times were when I suggested to wives that they reduce the number of decorative pillows on their bed by half.

The third time occurred recently, when I was almost through with a consultation in a home under construction where the first coat of paint was soon to go over the sheetrock. I hadn’t noticed anything wrong with the ceiling so I hadn’t commented on it. My client casually mentioned that beams were going to be installed on the ceiling. I said, “Fake beams?” She misunderstood and said, “No, they’re going to be real wood.” I explained that what I meant by “fake beams” were beams that didn’t really hold up the ceiling.


These beams happen to be structurally necessary. (Fake beams are usually installed below sheetrock. It makes them scream “fake.”) Necessary or not, they exude a chopping energy, so certainly don’t add them if you don’t need them.

She innocently asked, “Is there something wrong with beams?”  I illustrated with my hands how beams chop up the energy in a room and cause harsh energy directly below them. The color drained out of her face—it became obvious that she and her husband had “discussed” this many times. She wanted the beams—he didn’t. I then started doing what I sometimes have to do—talk somebody into something that’s good for them. Finally, I convinced her not to install the fake beams. She said those five words, but she still had a shell-shocked look on her face.

Just a few days ago I consulted for a couple whose home is being renovated. I briefly met the husband, then proceeded to consult with the wife. At the end of the consultation we were outside discussing options for making a more direct stairway to approach the front door. The existing stairs meandered a good bit, and I finally said, “I think the best thing is to turn a switch in your head and see the existing stairs as good, because the energy doesn’t come charging quickly up the stairs in a straight line. Just cover the bare cement blocks with some stone facing and dress the area up a bit. It’s actually charming like it is.” Her response was, “George will love it!”

The way to a man’s heart is (usually) through simplicity.


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