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How Feng Shui Works

I’ve had several clients use coins as representations to attract the right partner. Good ol’ “Honest Abe” here has a strong masculine profile and the associations with him are positive traits a smart person would desire in a partner. Image by PublicDomainImages from Pixabay

Sometimes feng shui works quickly. A little over a month ago I was called to the house of a single woman. Her main focus for the consultation was her career, but we also worked on her Relationship Corner, since that also concerns relationships at work. She did say she wouldn’t mind meeting the right guy—but that she was very picky. She put a penny outside her door with good old “Honest Abe” facing out. (In my more recent experience, I think it doesn’t matter so much which side of the door the image is placed on—just as long as it’s there.)

Two days ago I was at her house again—only this time it wasn’t the same address. It was at her new boyfriend’s house. He was super nice and they sure seemed like a couple that were mature enough to make it stick. I actually told them that I predicted wedding bells. I think they are the sensible type who will do something like Steve and I did—pay the judge $50 and walk out married. She said something that I had wondered about. She said that she had noticed that when people had a huge expensive wedding, divorce very often soon followed. (Blowing a pile of money on a wedding is sign of immaturity—in my opinion.)

She had met her new boyfriend because a friend called her (ten days after she put the coin outside) saying, “I know somebody I think you’re going to like.” She (and he) were willing to take the chance of a blind date and it sure seems to have worked out—these folks have chemistry together! If you really are in the market for a partner, you’ve got to be willing to put yourself out there. (And I don’t recommend going to bars to meet people—that’s a great way to meet alcoholics.) I met Steve at the ocean, and we both love nature. She met her boyfriend through a friend who she trusted.

The truth is there’s no predicting how quickly feng shui will work. There are too many factors involved—feng shui is only part of the picture. There’s also the kinds of friends you’ve made, the way you’ve treated people, your karma, your education. But I do know of instances when it seems to have worked almost instantly—within a day.

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