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Feng Shui & Apartment Living—Hunkering Down

The internet seems to be clogged with people telling each other what to do while they’re stuck at home. Some say “stay productive” while others say “entertain yourself to death.”...... Read More

Feng Shui and Architectural Digest

I have design indigestion. I’ve been looking at too many copies of Architectural Digest in a short period of time. Some friends of ours subscribe to it and, every few...... Read More

Money Corner and Money-Associated Plants for Feng Shui

Wood is the element for the Wealth Corner, and the best way to represent wood is with growing plants. Plants with stiff, pokey leaves are to be avoided; rounded-leaf plants...... Read More

Five Feng Shui Tips for Energizing Your Love Life & Finances

Yesterday, I posted an excerpt from the introduction to my newest book, Feng Shui for Love & Money. Today, I am sharing five tips taken from various sections of the...... Read More