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Five Feng Shui Tips for Energizing Your Love Life & Finances

Feng Shui for Love & Money by Clear Englebert (front cover) Yesterday, I posted an excerpt from the introduction to my newest book, Feng Shui for Love & Money. Today, I am sharing five tips taken from various sections of the book. You can order the book online from my publisher, Watermark Publishing. It will start appearing in bookstores throughout Hawaii at the end of August, and you can request it at your local bookstores elsewhere. I will be on Oahu for promotional events from Aug. 28 – 31, and will also have events on the Big Island of Hawaii throughout September and October. See my events page for details.

Feng shui is a way of manipulating energy by the conscious placement of objects in our environment. The objects we control send out messages about how we would like our lives to work. Those messages are going out whether we intend them or not. Feng shui gives us a way to send the messages we want to send. Here are a few simple, easy-to-implement solutions to encourage positive relationship and wealth energy in your home.

  • Avoid images of solitary people or things in your home. A solitary image says alone, not relating, not in harmony. One single image is not a problem, but as part of a repeated theme, it’ll be reflected in your life. If you collect solitary figurines, put them in groups of roughly the same height. If decorative objects in your Relationship Corner represent living things, it is very important that they not be singular. Don’t hang a picture of one flower—instead display a picture of several flowers. This rule is even more important when dealing with pictures of people of your own gender.
  • Water symbolizes prosperity. The position of real water near your home is important to your finances, and if the water moves, the direction of the flow is important. The flow can be in all directions, like an umbrella, but if the water flows in only one direction, like a waterfall, the flow should be toward the front door or the heart of the home—never leading away from the house. Wavy lines represent ripples or waves on water. When that kind of design is on your front gate it symbolizes money flowing out your driveway.
  • Yellow is the color of happiness, and pink is the color of love. Peach and coral are midway between yellow and pink. These colors say, “I’m in between, but not quite at love and happiness, and therefore available.” Fabric is the easiest way to bring color into an area, and you can pass the fabric on to someone else once you have the relationship that’s right for you. I also recommend silk flowers. Don’t use flowers that have thorns or are famous for them—so no roses. It’s not good enough to cut the thorns off the roses because roses are still famous for having thorns. There are plenty of songs associating rose thorns with love that ends up causing pain.
  • The most powerful symbol of prosperity is an object that cost a lot of money. It can be as small as a stamp or as large as furniture. Many people put expensive jewelry in their Wealth Corner, and that’s perfect. Because costume jewelry is artificial, it would not be good in the Wealth Corner unless the jewelry is collectable and valuable in its own right. Things that look like money, but that you can’t really spend, are not recommended in the Wealth Corner.
  • Plants with stiff, pokey leaves or with thorns, barbs or irritating bristles are bad in both Relationship and Wealth Corners. Plants with fuzzy, rounded leaves are ideal for both; the round shape is approachable and welcoming. Climbing plants can be problematic because they cling and need support, and those characteristics aren’t healthy in relationships. Round-leaf succulents are good for Wealth Corners. The succulent aspect symbolizes prosperity because the leaves are fat with water, and water symbolizes wealth. Plants with purple leaves or flowers are also excellent in the Wealth Corner. Velvet plant has beautiful soft, purple hairs and is good in both corners. Dried plants are very bad in any part of the home because they say dead.

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