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My Youtube Feng Shui Channel

My feng videos have been on Youtube for years, but they have gotten a revamped look & presentation. I invite you to take a look at how nicely they are...... Read More

Feng Shui, Real Books & Frances Elkins

(Note: there’s a photo gallery at the bottom of this article.) In my last post, I wrote about fake books that get placed in a home to make the owner...... Read More

Feng Shui & Fake Books

I just came across an article about fake books ( https://www.nytimes.com/2023/04/28/realestate/fake-books-decor.html?smid=em-share ) and there are two quotes that summarize the yin & yang of decorating with fake things. “I will...... Read More

Feng Shui & Prayer Flags

A prayer flag can be a traditional Tibetan prayer flag or modern equivalent images (preferably on natural fabric like cotton) that are spiritually affirmative to you. The ones that are...... Read More

Books About Books—My Favorite Subject

Once Upon a Tome by Oliver Darkshire is a recent book and it’s terrific. The subtitle is The Misadventures of a Rare Bookseller, and it and another book, A Factotum...... Read More

My Feng Shui Talks Begin Again (I trust fresh air!)

I’m resuming speaking at libraries and bookstores on Hawaii Island, starting with the Kailua-Kona Library on Saturday, June 10. The event will be on their makai lanai with lots of...... Read More

I’m in a Recently Published Book

Who Gets to Go Back-to-the-Land? by Valerie Padilla Carroll came out in December 2022 from the University of Nebraska Press. The subtitle is Gender and Race in U.S. Self-Sufficiency Popular...... Read More

Feng Shui & Dim Lighting

Dim lighting is yin, except when it’s moving—then it becomes yang. Spinner lamps (or motion lamps) are a great way of using dim moving light to energize a stagnant area.... Read More

Feng Shui & Pot Fillers

The first time I saw a “pot filler” in a client’s home, I was speechless. I knew I was looking at a feng shui nightmare, and I also knew that...... Read More

Feng Shui & Real Books (Part 1)

Real books are yang, and virtual books (ebooks and anything else read or watched on an electronic screen) are yin. That’s because real books have physical substance and virtual anything...... Read More